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Diagnosing Your Struggles with Marketing:

a practical guide to dismantling your defenses against marketing

Unearth how you defend against building a practice you love (and explore what would happen if you let yourself work through your resistance).

Illuminate the secrets held in the words you think, write, and speak when you’re honest about how you feel about marketing your practice.

Discover how to move from resistant to energized by engaging in five specifically crafted interventions designed to gently confront your defenses.

The Copy Treatment Plan

learn how to write compelling copy without selling out your depth

Uncover the lies you tell yourself about marketing your practice (and why your integrity is key to building a practice you love).

Learn how to leverage your clinical insight to connect with the clients who are longing to work with you.

Dismantle the resistance that prevents you from showing up and saying what you really think (not just what you think potential clients and colleagues want to hear).

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jenn's recommended tools

Ivy Pay

ivy pay

I’ve tried several credit card processing systems (including Stripe and Square) and while I haven’t had any negative experiences with any of them, Ivy Pay is my favorite. It’s easy to use, made directly for psychotherapists, HIPAA compliant (they require you to sign a BAA), and the least expensive of the credit card options I’ve used. You can get your first $1,000 in free charges if you sign up via my link.


google workspace

Look. I’m obsessed. G Suite makes it so simple to create new documents, have a branded email address (for my admin and myself) with my domain, and is easy to use. G Suite is willing to sign a BAA, and thus allows you to use the software and stay HIPAA compliant. (As always, email is not the most secure method of communication, which is worth sharing with your clients in your informed consent).



Speaking of email and documents, one of my favorite apps on my computer is Shift, a workstation that allows me to check all of my emails, sign into all of my G Drives (so I can work on different documents in my personal and professional life), and keep an eye on my calendar. It also keeps me having three hundred tabs open on my browser while making doing everything I need to do easy and simple.


tomato timer

Often the hardest part of writing is getting started and staying focused long enough to get into the flow. Giving myself the task of completely one or two tomato timers on a project, helps me bust through my perfectionistic tendencies and actually execute the task I’m working on, instead of just getting caught up in finding just the right word/phrase.



There are several options when it comes to setting up your website. While I’ve dabbled in using other platforms, I return again and again to WordPress. While the tech set-up isn’t necessarily as neat and intuitive as other platforms (like SquareSpace or Wix), it allows the most flexibility and works out to be the most cost-efficient over time.



Any content marketing strategy you choose is going to require some element of design. Canva is easy and intuitive to use (even if, like me, you’re not particularly aesthetically gifted). All my social media graphics, blog graphics, and various workbooks and presentations are created in Canva.

Simple Practice

simple practice

While there are several excellent EHRs for therapists on the market, I like SP’s simple and clean aesthetic, easy to set up and comprehensive client portal, and love their telehealth platform.


Clinical Favorite Books:

Scope out my clinical side of my bookshelf--filled with books that have inspired and informed my practice recently.


Marketing Favorite Books

I dig marketing, especially when marketers cultivate depth and want to use marketing for good, not just to manipulate others for money and power. Be sure to check out my favorites.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

Some of the content on my site includes affiliate links, which means I will get a small commission if you sign up through my link, and in some cases, you also get a discount or a longer-than-average free trial. I only link to sites and services I have used and liked, as you'll see in my descriptions. Everyone has different experiences and expectations of the services they use. I'm not responsible for any of these services or products sucking in any way.