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I teach psychotherapists how to distill clinical insight into marketing genius.

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What's your marketing attachment style? 

Join me for a virtual networking date, where we'll unearth the real reason your relationship with marketing isn't working for you and how you can begin to foster secure attachment so you can build the business of your dreams. 

Your customized plan for building a business with deeper insight, richer connection, and financial abundance is just minutes away.

Prepare to be uncomfortably seen and to be virtually caffeinated as you have your resistance to marketing melt away.

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_hey, i'm jenn

I teach depth-oriented psychotherapists how to build financially successful, deeply engaging, and clinically rich practices. 

When I began my clinical journey nearly a decade ago, I longed to have a practice grounded in depth and unbridled curiosity. The problem was: how do you market to people who are long to go deep, but aren’t in crisis? I was a magnet for people in crisis, and it took some time (and lots of therapy and consultation) to work out how to build a practice filled with my dream clients.

I don't want you to have to take as long as I did to discover how to make marketing work for you. If you want to know more about the winding path and how I finally discovered a framework that allows me to market in congruent, compelling and consistent ways, then keep reading...

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Before working with Jenn, I was struggling to come up with juicy copy for my new niche; she helped me clarify who my ideal client is, and how to find language that really draws her in and leads her to schedule a phone consultation. 

After working with Jenn, I was clear on what I needed to add to my copy to make it really shine.

-Kirstin Carl, LMFT

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Jenn is a mastermind at crafting copy. She helps bring forth the hidden words inside of you for your ideal client. I struggled with how to market in a way that fit with my depth-oriented perspective as a therapist. Jenn helped me represent myself without changing my theoretical orientation or making promises that felt inauthentic.

-Holly Anderson LCMFT, LMFT